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Important Benefits of Registering Your Domain Names :

Registering a domain name secures your identity online - your image, identity and reputation.
Protects your brands online in both a local and global space.
Adds value to your assets and goodwill.
Registering your domain name can place you in a good position if you wish to "go online" in the future.
If you don’t secure your domain names now you may reduce your options. This is also seen as the first step for any business intent on establishing or building a web presence.
It allows you to get your own company e-mail.
Email addresses can derive from a domain name. If you don’t own the domain name you can’t get email addresses in your business name e.g.
It avoids the threat of cybersquatters who may take your name for their own purposes.

Your Portfolio of Domain Names

You can have as many domain names as you’d like in your portfolio as they will all drive traffic back to your website.

Illustrated below is a "domain name portfolio" containing examples of the many domain names that you can register to
drive traffic back to your website.


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