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How do I start?

Step1. Register your and your .com and consider both .biz and .info - should be your first choice in Australia as it informs people that you are a registered and legitimate Australian business. This is the domain name space where your customers and competitors will know you most and expect to find you.

.com, .net and .org - should be your next point of registration - it is considered to be the global space and is certainly the most well known for conducting international business.

.biz & .info should definitely be seriously considered, especially if you are an Australian business. The .biz domain name space is restricted to businesses only and .info is a broad reach global domain name space, known as the information space.

Step 2. Analyze your needs

Once you have secured your most obvious names in the, gTLD and nTLD spaces, it is now time to assess other countries and their domain name spaces.

Start by looking at your business both logically and laterally. Look at where your business is today and where you will position it in the future.

Ask yourself the following questions :

Where are most of my customers situated?
What future expansion plans do I have?
Which markets will I be exporting or distributing to?
Where are my competitors based and where are they operating?
Where do I have overseas offices, branches, alliances partners, suppliers, distributors or networks?

Step 3. Assess your options

There are a number of valid and commercially viable reasons to register domain names.

The most obvious and critical are to protect your registered business names, company and trading names.

But you should also consider registering your domain names to protect the following:

Your Business Subsidiaries and Divisions
Your Brands
Your Trademarks (pending also)
Your Product names
Your Agencies (with permission)
Your Proposed names (new ventures)
Your most obvious abbreviations

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