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What is a domain name?

Each computer has a unique address on the Internet which consists of a long complicated string of numbers called an ‘IP’ Address (IP means Internet Protocol). This string of numbers makes IP addresses hard to remember.

The Domain Name System (known as the DNS) allows a domain name (a familiar string of letters) to be used in place of an IP Address.

A domain name is simply your way of protecting your business, company and trade names in the online world and it stops unauthorized entities taking your valuable asset - your image, identity and reputation.

It's like a business or company registration online and is the key that opens the door to your online world.

It is important to secure your domain names even if you do not have a web site.

If you decide to establish a web site or homepage later on for your business then your domain name truly becomes so much more - your web address on the Internet, a unique map is a unique reference or locator for your customers both locally and globally.

Domain names are increasingly becoming a valuable branding tool / commodity for any corporation or enterprise.


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