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Internet usage and the participation in eCommerce by Australians is going from strength to strength.

Many businesses are not aware of the large amount of research and information that is readily available on the subject. We highly recommend that any business contemplating moving on-line take the time to browse through the following information. It will be of great use in formulating an effective approach for your Internet marketing.

The extracts listed are from a number of highly-regarded sources including:


Consumer Internet Usage

Extracts from the Save@Home study by the National Office for the Information Economy, an in-depth study of home internet use by Australian families.
The full report is available at http://www.noie.gov.au/projects/access/Access/Save@Home/index.htm

Australia goes online

Australia has experienced an explosion in home Internet access. Over one third (37 per cent) of Australian households had Internet access at home by November 2000—a total of 2.7 million households—up from 1.7 million households in November 1999. Home Internet access has grown by over 50 per cent between 1999 and 2000. It is expected that by the end of 2001, every second household will have home Internet access (ABS 2000). (refer)

Australians are among the world’s most intensive Internet users

The intensity of Internet use by Australians is among the highest in the world. Australia ranks sixth in the world in terms of the total number of Internet users, despite its relatively small population (CIA 2000).

The number of Australian homes connected to the Internet is growing rapidly. At November 2000, 37 per cent of Australian households had Internet access at home—a total of 2.7 million households—up from 1.7 million households a year ago. There are approximately seven million Australian adult users of the Internet, or 50 per cent of all adults (ABS 2000). The share of Australia’s online population is comparable to that in the United States (US), where there are almost sixfold more Internet users than in any other country. (refer)

Internet access becomes a regular part of life for many Australians

Australians are using the Internet with increasing regularity, and for a much greater variety of purposes. Of those adults using the Internet at home, 29 per cent use it daily and a further 40 per cent use it between two and six times per week (ABS 2000). It is expected that the number of Australians accessing the Internet at least once a week will exceed the Government forecast of 5.7 million by 2003 (DOCITA 2000). (refer)

E-commerce gathers momentum

In November 2000, there were more than 1.3 million adult Internet shoppers, an increase of 532 000 since November 1999 (ABS 2000). But as the study showed, Internet ‘window-shopping’ rather than buying is much more prevalent. (refer)

'Window-shopping' on the Internet rather than buying

The results also show that while 60 per cent of households are using the Internet to find out about goods and services, there is, as yet, limited take up of the opportunity to make final purchases online (28 per cent). This is true for all household groups questioned. Privacy and security concerns are the likely reason for this. However, the discrepancy shows that, apart from transactions, the Internet is an important source for price, quality and other comparisons between products. (refer)

Nua.com provides recent figures of the number of Australians on-line, as well as figures on a country-by-country basis for the world.

Nielsen-netratings.com provides detailed and up-to-date internet usage statistics for Australia and other countries - includes average Internet user activity information, such as Number of Sessions per Month, Number of Unique Sites Visited, Time Spent per Month, and so on.


Business Internet Usage

AUSTRALIAN businesses almost doubled their online revenues to $43 billion from December 2000 to mid-2002. Full article

Extracts from Built for Business II: Beyond Basic Connectivity, a report produced by The Allen Consulting Group for Cisco Systems on the Internet Economy and Australian Business in 2002.
The report has very informative breakdowns of the use of the Internet by industry and firm size - essential reading!

Online revenue growth now accounts for some 6% of business revenue, equivalent to around $43 billion of GDP.

Online income appears to be growing at an annualised rate of around 33 percent...

Moreover, businesses are suggesting that the online economy is expected to continue its rapid expansion. Businesses in the database indicate that online income is forecast to rise to about 16 percent of the total in three years time. This would be equivalent to $112 billion over the economy as a whole at that time.

Some 95 percent of the businesses included in the database report that they are connected to the Internet. This is in line with the Yellow Pages’ survey findings that small and medium sized business connections reached 95 percent in 2001.

51 percent of smaller businesses (1 to 19 employees) have a website compared to 91 percent of larger businesses (more than 100 employees).

Read the full report


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